Robotic Assisted Surgery (MAKO)

What Is Robotic Assisted Surgery ?

Hip and knee replacement surgery has been performed since the 1960’s and as time has gone by many improvements in the design and procedure have occurred. Thankfully that now makes the procedure more successful and reliable than ever before.

Computer assistance has been used to try and improve accuracy and reliability of hip and knee replacement and Mr. Loughead has been using and researching this for over 13 years. MAKO (insert link) robotic arm assisted surgery takes this a step further in terms of accuracy and technique and is the most exciting new development to appear over the last 30 years. Mr. Loughead has been able to train and adopt this technique to gain the benefits that this new technology opens up.

Importantly the surgery is NOT performed by a robotic, rather the robot allows the surgeon to perform the operation with improved accuracy. Thanks to the use of a pre surgery CT scan it allows very detailed planning of the surgery to occur prior to the operation and then ensures that the plan is completed exactly! It allows the surgery to be very closely matched to the individual in a way which has not been possible previously.

MAKO surgery was pioneered in the USA beginning in 2007 and has now been used for more than 100,000 procedures in many countries around the world. Current evidence suggests that it results in a less painful recovery, with improved function and reduced rates of redo surgery required.

Mr. Loughead is one of a small group of surgeons who is trained and has experience in using this technology and can perform the surgery at BMI Woodlands (insert link), which is the only private facility in the North East of England that has a MAKO robot.

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